Numerical solution of Partial differential equations(PDE’s) for nonlinear Local Fractional PDE’s and Randomly generated grids

  • Sanaullah Mastoi *a,b , Ali Bakhsh Mugheri b, Nabi Bux Kalhorob, Abdul Salam Bullerb.


In this paper, research work is extended numerical solution for Nonlinear local fractional partial differential equation over randomly generated grids and solution compared with other available methods. In this paper, results focussed on finite difference method over randomly generated grids, to check the practicability and feasibility, the new methods which are discussed in literature, apply and compare the results with this new algorithm to resolve the nonlinear local fractional  equations (gas dynamics equation and Klein-Gordon equation), so we get the desired non-differentiable solutions. In this work, examples are solved and analyzed, we can expanded by applying randomly generated grids.