People’s Perception About The Role Of Cpec On The Lives Of Locals People In Piddi Zirr, District Gawadar Baluchistan Pakistan

  • Muhammad Arif & Wang Yong


This paper is aimed to find the significant role of CPEC development life living standards of local’s people of Gwadar in Pakistan. The literature review discusses the historical or geographical background of the mega project of the development in the all the modern country in the world. The modernization theory argues that the process of evolutionary perception in the industrial, urbanization or social life can change and access to good education in the markets. Due to the modernization occur in the society the individual’s basic facilities like social economic development in the education health and infrastructure and job opportunities in the locality people. A quantitative research method used the people perception about the CPEC development in the locality people. In quantitative research to know the purposive sampling technique have used for the data collection. The finding shows that most the responded or agree that CPEC have positive impact on the line of Piddi Zirr while less no people have dissatisfied.