Credit Availability in Agriculture and Date Palm Production in Pakistan

  • Zulfiqar Ali Shaikh, Dr. Naveed A. Shaikh, Dr. Asad Raza Abidi



The current study has used adopted and modified questionnaire and through convenient sampling and mixed method approach analyzed the causal impact between production and availability of credit facility to date growers.  For this analysis the Annual time series data was taken from 1996 to 2015 for the duration of the last 30 years. OLS (ordinary, least square method) with simple linear regression (SLR) is used. Qualitative data are used for monitoring, and the same data has also been tested and verified.

Credit facility provided to agriculturalists can play a major role in relaxing the farmers' restrictions and motivating them to increase the date production.

The collected fundamental data through field study as per pre-tested questionnaire, disclosures and recommendations are important for diverse analysts, date cultivators, organizations and for executing countries to develop the dates and to increase production as well as income.