An Empirical Study Of Gender Discrimination And Employee Performance Among Academic Staff Of Government Universities: Evidence From Pakistan

  • Farhan Ali Soomro*, Kanwal Syeda, Saifullah Shaikh, Abdul Jabbar Dayo


This research explores the issue of gender discrimination and its impact on employee performance and productivity in government universities of Sindh, The purpose of this study are to contribute towards important factors and dimensions of gender discrimination that are responsible for the effect on employee performance/productivity. The variable of discrimination added to know in what way they are affecting employees' performance, these variables are included discrimination in hiring, promotion, salary, and provision of fringe benefits. The quantitative research approach used for this study. A survey questionnaire was designed to collect the data from the respondents; the data was collected from employees of different universities of Sindh province. A total number of 200 responses were received from selected universities. SPSS-26 version used to analyze the data by applying different techniques to know the relationship between independent and dependent variables. The study results revealed that there is a significant relationship between independent and dependent variables. Any kind of discrimination among genders directly affects the performance of employees. Organizations should consider both genders equally following employee discrimination acts, equal employment opportunities act, other employment acts.