ISO 9001:2008 of Manufacturing Companies in Cavite Export Processing Zone

  • Agnes Gonzaga,


This study aimed to determine the impact level of ISO 9001:200b Quality Management System to the
management of the manufacturing companies in Cavite Export Processing Zone. The study employed 526
employees consisting of 35 top level managers, 145 middle level managers and 346 supervisors from the
74 randomly selected manufacturing companies. The data was gathered through a survey questionnaire
consisting of the (a) Individual Profile, (b) Company Profile and (c) Principles of Quality Management
System. Descriptive research approach was used in the study. Data were treated using weighted mean for
responses and Independent T- test for determining significant differences of the level of impact of QMS
when respondents were grouped according to their profile. Results revealed Very High Impact rating on
all 8 principles of QMS. Results also revealed significant difference in age and systems approach to
management. Customer Focus, Leadership, Systems Approach to Management and Factual Approach to
Decision- making have significant differences in of educational attainment of managers. Customer Focus,
Leadership, Involvement of People, Continual Improvement, Factual Approach to Decision- making and
Mutually Beneficial Supplier Relationship have significant difference to managers’ management position
level. It is recommended that continuous related training and education of human resources for the
continual operation and improvement of existing QMS must be employed highly recommended that
companies must adopt this set of standards