Coping Measures For Stress Management: A Perceptual Study On Health Care Employees

  • Ms. L. Vijaya*


In the present study, we analyze the employees’ perception towards coping measures adopted by firms in
the software industry. The considered coping constructs adopted for the study in stress abatement are
Venting of Emotions, Problem Focused, Seeking Information and emotional support, Positive EmotionFocused, where, employee perception was acquires by a systematic survey. A total sample of 800
employees perceptions has been collected through simple random technique and out of which survey
respondents, irregular responses are eliminated finally 756 samples who work in health case sector are
determined for statistical analysis. The chi-square test was performed to determine the association
between perceptions and model constructs. Results are reported and discussions are made as per the
results and in correlation between results of previous literature. Finally, suggestions and future
indications for extension of the study are proposed.