Review on Current Municipal Solid Waste Management in Malaysia

  • Nur Izzati Abdul Rahman, Muhamad Azry Khoiry, Shafie Rahim, Noor Ezlin Ahmad Basri


Increasing amount of municipal solid waste has causes several issue to communities and environmental.
The tributary factors that cause the staggeringly increasing of waste are population growth, speedy
urbanisation and industrialization. This paper is to analyse studies on municipal solid waste
management within the territory of Malaysia and its impact on implementation of efficient solid waste
management. With an increasing of the world population of over 33.4 million in 2020, Malaysian is
estimated to generate more than 25,000 metric tonnes of domestic waste per day. To manage the waste
effectively, a few SWM legislation and policies been used in Malaysia. This study is to provide an
overview of solid waste policy and program in Malaysia in terms of recycling, composting, incineration,
landfill and biogas. This study was done by conducting case study approach. The outcomes from this
study shows potential, challenges and the benefits for the current municipal solid waste management
systems to improvise the current technology applied in Malaysia.