NGOs’ institutional Framework and their Performance; an evidence from Pakistan

  • Ghulam Akbar Tumrani, Dr. Ghulam Ali Jariko, Dr. Mumtaz Ali Junejo, Dr. Muhammad Ismail Kumbhar


NGOs’ institutional strategic planning and actual field methodology regarding approaching
beneficiaries with input and enhancing productivity been reviewed and studied anonymities
behindhand their success or failure as compare to Public Sector. Along with this the role of NGOs
and Public sector in the development of and parrot sight on both sectors’ implementations and key
characteristics and working flow of diverse businesses in Pakistan. GDP reviewed at Macro level of
state and micro level the flow of development programs at community level with both sectors’
variation as health, education, unemployment, good governance, transparency, inclusive and
participatory development plans for the community. Observed gaps where both sectors differ with
each other regarding practical tactics. Existence of diverse tier organizations and their taken steps
imparted for the purpose of self-initiatives to develop the locality and leads to sustainability with
vivid difference in Public and NGO sector