An Assessment Study on carbon Emission Mapped Using GIS in Puducherry Region

  • Aswini A, Swetha V, Umamageswari, Nancy K


Air pollution is one of the major problems in day to day life. Industrialization and heavy transportation
leads to various health and environmental impact. In order to control and measure the amount of toxic
substance we fabricated a device using Arduino coded program to study the air quality in various area of
Puducherry region. Air pollutants, such as carbon monoxide (CO), Sulphur dioxide (SO2), nitrogen
oxides (NOx), Ozone (O3), heavy metal and particulate matter (PM2.5 and PM10) differ in their chemical
composition, reaction properties, emission, time of disintegration and ability to diffuse in long or short
distances. Therefore, in this project we are using gas sensors such as MQ-7, MQ-2, to detect the presence
of carbon content in atmosphere. After detecting the value of carbon content it will be fed in GIS software
to provide the visual interpretation of amount of carbon content present in various area of Puducherry