An Approach Towards Redesign And Modernization Of Puducherry Bus Terminus

  • K.S. Prasath, T. Annrea Josephine Pritla, K. Harisha


Pondicherry is one among the 8 Union Territories in India and it lies in Southern part of Indian
Peninsula. For any nation or state Public transportation plays an integral part in ease of living and
economic growth and hence it was decided to conduct a study on the present status of Puducherry
Transport facility alongside the future expansion and growth plans of the city. On survey it was
found that due to growing population, development of the city and traffic congestion there is serious
need to look in to modernization of Puducherry Bus terminal. A state of art Bus terminal needs to
consider all aspects pertaining to cost, mobilization of goods and human across, energy utilization,
accessibility, availability of consumables and medicines and parking space. Main objective of our
project is to develop the infrastructure of Pondicherry Bus Terminal as part of Smart City Plan. The
entrance and exit of the Bus count is analysed and maintained using Radio Frequency Identification
Tag sensor. Further considering human need for Medical clinic, Restaurants, ATM, Toilet, Waiting
room, Led Display etc., provision had been made in the plan. In this study the main motive is to
provide improved design from infrastructure point of view, proper space utilization, new required
elements can be introduced. Suitable measures for efficient handling of buses have been suggested.
Essential features under Pondicherry Smart City Proposal with emphasis on energy conservation
through PV Solar cell system thereby contributing to reduction in carbon footprint efforts are
implemented, thus based on the design standards for planning the bus terminus, infrastructure has
be developed.