Impact Of Innovation, Sustainable Business Practices And Consumer Perception On Consumer Satisfaction Among Green Manufacturing Firms In Malaysia

  • Shakeel Ahmad , *Rana Mohsin Ali


This research based on speedy growth in environmental pollution have created a scenario to build an eco-friendly innovation, design and manufacturing of products under green concept to amuse the satisfaction of consumers. The objective of this study is to examine the stakeholder trust with preferences of consumer, consumer perception regarding green products, innovation and sustainable business practices in green manufacturing to impact on consumer satisfaction. Start from the introduction, we will highlight the importance of research topic first and then motivation, basics and definitions associated with green manufacturing and sustainability. The population of this study consists of common consumers and interested in green manufacturing products. A total of 194 respondents are supposed to submit their responses online and by hard copy. Analysis techniques such as Descriptive analysis, Reliability test, Pearson correlation and multiple regression are adopted to perform the data analysis. The results obtained are showing that the factors involved in this analysis have significant impact on consumer satisfaction. According to consumer’s demographic profile, age, gender, monthly income and green interest are posing/not posing significant impact on consumer’s satisfaction.