Presenting a model for the impact of corporate characteristics on innovation

  • Fardin Nazari, Zadallah Fathi*, Hossein Shafie


In this study, a new model is presented to explain the relationship between corporate characteristics and innovation. This research was made available to the Delphi participant group by deleting individual variables and adding new variables and determining the importance and After two stages of holding, they were selected for use in the model. The study was a correlation study and the statistical population included the companies listed in Tehran Stock Exchange and the sample of the study was 104 according to the screening method and after removing the outliers observations in Tehran Stock Exchange during the period of 2011-2017. In this study, corporate characteristics variable is considered as independent variable. In this research, the variable of corporate characteristics is considered as an independent variable, And by using qualitative and quantitative composite data, multivariate regression, Spss software version 20 And Eviews 7 Their relationship with firm innovation as a dependent variable has been examined. The results show that among the variables of corporate characteristics of profitability, profit quality and liquidity have significant relationship with innovation And have improved the state of innovation And the variables of company size, financial leverage, and company life are inversely related to innovation, According to this model, other variables of corporate characteristics in this research had no significant effect on innovation.