Relationship between Personality Traits and Emotional Intelligence Components with Psychological Wellbeing among Students of Islamic Azad University of Sarab

  • Nima Sabalani TaleshMekaeil


The current study aims to investigate the relationship between personality traits and emotional intelligence components with psychological wellbeing. 276 students (112 boy and 135 girl) were selected as research sample among the students of the Islamic Azad University, Sarab Branch. NEO five-factor inventory, emotional intelligence inventory, and psychological wellbeing inventory were used to collect data. The results showed that there is a significant positive relationship between extroversion, openness, agreeableness, and loyalty and psychological wellbeing and emotional intelligence. And in contrast, there is a significant negative relationship between the neurosis factor with the psychological wellbeing and emotional intelligence. Furthermore, there is a significant positive relationship between each one of the components of emotional intelligence, intrapersonal relationships (r=0.47), interpersonal relationships (r=0.83), compatibility (r=0.81), stress control (r=0.53), general mood (r=0.97) and the psychological wellbeing. The results of this study, in line with other research findings, indicate that personality factors and components of emotional intelligence play an important role in predicting students' psychological wellbeing.