Determining the Water Quality of Babol Roud River Based on Multiplicative Weighted Index

  • Ali Behmanesh


Considering the multilateral importance of Babol Roud river, this study has utilized multiplicative weighted index for various uses. Accordingly, total coliform parameters included BOD, DO, CL, PH and NO3 and some others were measured during 12 months in 7 stations of the Babol Roud river and considering the length of the river and urban, industrial and agricultural developments, the way of transferring stations was selected; the obtained amounts were compared with water stream gauges of Mazandaran province and Caspian Sea ecologic research center to be controlled. Finally, the water quality of Babol Roud river was determined based on obtained weighted indices for various uses. The obtained score of 50 for this rived indicated that the water of this river was not appropriate as a water-storage source and for recreation purposes and it can only be a home for fish and hardy shells. At the same time, the water of this river needs to be refined for agricultural and industrial uses.