Factors Hindering The Endorsement Of Iso In Construction Industry Of Sindh

  • Engr. Mujtaba Hassan, Muhammad Jaffar Memon (PhD), Samiullah Sohu, Mansoor Ahmed Memon, Adnan Hussain


The Construction Industry's prime design is to establish projects within stipulated time, quality at a very low feasible cost. QMS in the Construction Industry is proposed to support the industry to get-better productivity and potency of the organization.

In the current globalization, where economic competency is increasing, the appliance of QMS will better improve the entire construction operation and will definitely pave a way to the formulization highly thriving business skills in order to touch international requirements.

The analysis is executed to probe the scenario of how well Quality Management System is operational in Sindh’s construction industry, point-out factors distressing the endorsement of ISO in construction industry of Sindh and to issue some proposals on how to improve the implementation of ISO 9001 a QMS in Construction Industry. The data will be gathered via questionnaires distributed to the construction professionals at every level of management. Statistical analysis software SPSS V22 will be used to analyze the data. Factors hindering the endorsement of ISO Construction Industry of Sindh will be distinguished and suggestions will be proposed on approach to lessen the hurdles.