Effectiveness Of Counseling In The University – Students’ And Counselors’ Perspective

  • Phani Kumar.Katuri, Lakshmi Narayanamma.P, R. Srinivasa Rao, Harika.Putta


Counseling plays a crucial role in support services for students who play an important role in a person's personality development. The counseling may address various problems related to the presence, behavior and academic achievements of the students blocking the progress of the students. A hallmark of our
facility is a student-friendly environment in which students' interests are paramount, and counseling is  of the tools that contribute to the goal. Undoubtedly, the existing guidance system has brought many benefits directly or indirectly to the student community. However, as the institution grows, the
environment will also change and new challenges will have to be overcome. At the same time, there is always room for improvement. The study focuses on the perceptions of students of the guidance system, which can help identify the gaps, and, accordingly, necessary action can be taken to further strengthen the system.