Energy Efficient Charging for Electric and Solar Assisted Vehicles

  • Pushpendra K. S.*, M. A. Ansari, N. S. Pal, Aruna Pathak, Monika Jain, Nivedita Singh


The need of a battery charging facility has become protruding to alleviate the range anxiety problematic
of electric vehicle (EV) drivers and solve the limited operation – electric drive range of the current EVs.
This paper presents a charging strategy for an EV battery which is reliable and robust for a Lithium ion
battery. Here, we have designed bi-directional charger in Matlab Simulink environment. The Changes in
on board converters applied to electric vehicles for better charging and also for finding the better way to
charge a lithium ion battery, on board circuit is designed for charging facilities for EV ’s and solar assisted
vehicle so that there is only need of just plug into ac power source as used in various applications the
motive behind designing the charger is to make charging in an easier way so that it provides a positive
impact on the advancement of electric vehicles free of pollution in future.