The Role of Supply Chain Relationships in Risk Management by Enhancing Customer Satisfaction

  • Muhammad Saeed Shahbaz, Arjumand Bano Soomro,Saira Soomro, Samiullah sohu,Bilal Ahmed


Supply Chain Relations(SCR) considered as a strategic and operational tool in various industry for risk management. It has been widely used and successfully implemented due to competitive advantage it provides by through enhancing performance of supply chain. Customer Satisfaction is primary focus for all different organization to increase their effectiveness and efficiency of the supply chain relations.Pakistan is lagging to adopt the SCR practices to increase its performance. The purpose of this study is to find the impact of supply chain relationships on customer satisfaction for downstream supply
chain of Pakistani industries. This research is quantitative in nature, and the questionnaire adopted from previous papers to collect the primary data. Data screening, data cleaning, validity and reliability analysis was conducted beside multiple regression to examine the relationship among the variables.
Findings of the research revealed that Trust, Interdependence, Communication, Commitment, Adaption and Co-operation toward achieving Customer Satisfaction on different retailers, distributer, wholesaler and as well as customers too. This research will help managers in decision making that how they can mitigate risks through supply chain relationships. This study will also help future researchers for identification, assessment and mitigation of supply chain risks