An Efficient Robo For Pond & Lake CleaningAn Efficient Robo For Pond & Lake Cleaning

  • R.Anitha1Afrin ,Aravind kumar,Nishath fathima


In this existing era of water scarcity, water pollution is one of the alarming problems to be taken into account. In order to overcome this, we have proposed a prototype  model  for the purpose of pond  & lake cleaning. Due to the depth of the ponds or lakes, people refuse to clear the waste from it. In order to support the society, we have developed a pond cleaning robot, which collects the debris and safely disposes it. This will ultimately cause a decrease in water pollution and also the health issues caused by the former.


The robot is controlled using NI-MyRIO controller and designed with the LabVIEW software tool. It has been observed that it works efficiently for more than 3 hours and it can be used for a radius of 500m in water bodies and collect 5kg of wastage from polluted water.