Entrepreneurial Orientation (Eo) And Performance Of Pakistani Micro & Small Businesses: Empirical Evidence From Lahore City, Pakistan

  • Ahmed Hussain Khan; Dr Ghulam Abid; Farah Zaid; Muhammad Ali


Entrepreneurial practices are observed as progressive in creation of employment opportunities and economic development. Current literature shows that entrepreneurial behavior can boost the firm performance.  The purpose of this paper is to investigate the relationship of entrepreneurial orientation and firm performance in Pakistani micro and small enterprises. Unit of analysis of this study is entrepreneur who operated micro and small business. A self-administrative Questionnaire technique is used for data collection and simple random sampling technique was used for selecting the respondents. Sample size of this study is 560.The study identified entrepreneurial orientation affecting the performance of Micro and small enterprises. The authors found a significant positive relation between independent variable (EO) and dependent variable (Firm’s Performance) variable of this study.  The most important contribution of this paper is to explore this relationship on micro and small enterprises. The authors collected data from one city of micro level entrepreneurs and expected to have better results with to extend nationwide survey. Results of the paper are helpful for policy makers and micro level entrepreneurs to boost their firm performance. Furthermore, future researchers may check the strengthen value of this relation with the use of mediator and moderator.