Proposed Technique for Efficient Cloud Computing Model in Effective Digital Training towards Sustainable Livelihoods for Unemployed Youths

  • Ritu Bansal , Dr.Vikashkumarsingh


This research work seeks to suggest a development of Efficient Cloud Computing System to show that the various forms of Effective Online Learning for Sustainable Livelihoods for Unemployed Youth are accountable for and lead to a number of factors. In the scope of Sustainable Livelihoods for Unemployed People, it also aims to recognize certain fields of data analysis and their interrelationship. One question seems to bubble to the surface more than any other in my discussions with clients, friends, and peers: How does Successful Online Learning for Sustainable Living for Unemployed Youth explain switching to the cloud? Whereas, cloud computing could allow more adequate performance of its own efficient distributed tools through the SaaS system; therefore, both design the cloud computing SaaS distribution framework for Unemployed Youth talent learning. Proposed Efficient Cloud Computing System Strategy for Active Online Learning for Unemployed Youth Sustainable Livelihoods.