“Digital Marketing Role In Indian Business And Their Profit”

  • Sandeep Kumar Mohapatra, Dr. Alaka Samantaray


Digital marketing plays an essential role in business transactions and politics in India. Entrepreneurs have utilized innovative technologies to reach and expand their market segments. Digital marketing has enabled businesses to market and compete against other brands. This is achieved by monitoring their competitions, engaging with their customers and suppliers, developing their brands and saving time and other resources. The use of interactive media has enabled multinational companies India to connect with more customers to increase their market size and profits. Comparably, digital marketing has enhanced Indian democracy by directly connecting the politicians with the people to update them about policies, development programs, candidates and government’s general performance. The use of interactive tools has significantly assisted in predicting different election polls in India, for instance, it helped determine the party which won the majority of seats in the 2014 general election. This article aims to show how digital marketing has enhanced the interaction of businesses and politicians with the Indian people.