• Almagul Kairgalievna OTESHOVA, Natalia Alekseevna PRODANOVA, Angelika Leonidovna GENDON, Vadim Alexandrovich DIKIKH , Iurii Vladimirovich GUSKOV, Aleksandr Ivanovich MOZGOVOY


Relevance. At present, the general attention of the business to the strategy is growing rapidly. In its most general form, a strategy can be defined as an effective business concept, supplemented by a set of real actions that can lead this business concept to achieve a real competitive advantage that can last a long time. The development of the strategy should be based on a deep understanding of the market, assessment of the position of the enterprise in the market, and awareness of its competitive advantages. In the conditions of toughened competition, the development of an enterprise depends on three groups of factors: the internal environment, the external environment, and dynamic abilities. The development of market relations in Kazakhstan makes new demands on the quality of management, the nature of the tasks to be accomplished, and the methods for their solution. This fully applies to all self-managing entities. It is absolutely unacceptable to approach the new phenomena of economic activity with old standards. A new management concept is needed that adequately reflects the changes in the economy. Such a new concept for the domestic economy is strategic management.


Research objective: The purpose of the study is to develop practical recommendations for improving the formation and development of the competitive strategy of “Bolashak” LLP.


Methods: The main research tool used in this work is the development of a competitive business strategy, a systematic analysis of competitive advantages disclosed in the works of domestic and foreign scientists.


Results achieved: critical analysis of economic relations arising from the analysis and selection of competitive business development strategies.


Practical significance and applicability of the results: is that its results allow: identify trends in the development of competitive strategies; determine the intensity of competition in a given market; to increase the competitiveness of business structures in the context of growing globalization.