Characterization And Removal Of Alizarin Dye From Aqueous Solution Using Mixer Of Low Cost Mixed Adsorbents: Kinetics, Thermodynamic And Optimization Study

  • B.V.Dhananjaneyulu et. al


In textile industries dyes are widely used and dyes (effluents) are released into the environment without any proper treatment causes very harmful effects to the surroundings. The present paper contains the removal of Alizarin dye from the aqeous solution. So many methods are available to treat the effluent released from dyeing industries like flocculation Chemical precipitation, membrane filtration, Reverse osmosis, ultra-filtration, coagulation or flocculation and adsorption. Adsorption is one of the simple method with less expensive. Mixer of rice husk and egg shell used as adsorbent in a powdered form is used for the separation of Alizarin dye within aqueous solution. Removal percentage of Alizarin studied with respect to various operating parameters like contact time of dye with adsorbent, initial concentration of dye solution, amount adsorbent usage, process operating temperature  and average particle diameter of adsorbent. In addition to that kinetic, thermodynamic and optimization of parameters are discussed.