Export Performance, Prospects And Competitiveness Of Banana In India

  • Dr. S. Manoharan,


The banana industry is a very important source of income, employment and export earnings for major banana producing and exporting countries. Export volume or price fluctuations affect income changes for those directly employed in banana production. It is a very sensitive commodity at the international level on economic grounds. The purpose of the study is to analyse the performance and prospects through growth and instability of the export quantity, export value and unit value of banana exported from India over the years 1988 to 2017 in two periods viz. Period-I (1988 to 2002) and Period-II (2003 to 2017). The competitiveness of Indian banana for the period of 15 years from 2002 to 2016 through Nominal Protection Coefficient. The result reveals that there was a significant growth in export quantity, export value, unit value with 22.75 percent, 26.74 percent and 3.25 percent respectively during the Period-I of the study and 30.87 percent, 40.92 percent and 7.57 percent respectively during the Period-II of the study. Instability index shows that the fluctuation in the export quantity, export value and unit value had come down during the Period-II of the study. The Nominal Protection Coefficient decreasing steadily and attained the minimum value during 2016. Hence, there is a wide scope for increasing the banana export from India. Therefore, appropriate strategies and other development measures to be evolved and implemented by the Government of India through its facilitating agencies to increase the export of banana from India.