Customer Satisfaction Toward Select Automobile Industries In Madurai Ciry, Tamil Nadu

  • Dr.S.Praveenkumar


The best-looking industry is the automobile industry, and, in the current era, there is an increase in spending power in both developed and developing economies. Satisfaction is a psychological concept, and hence hard to evaluate. It depends on numerous parameters and differs from person to person, and from brand to brand. The significance of the project in customer-oriented and market-oriented strategic management cannot be overestimated. Now, for every organization, it has become a significant factor to consider for growing the customers' satisfaction. The overall research reveals that shoppers were found to be somewhat pleased to quality, size, health, mileage, interior space, major brand status, level of comfort, part surplus, and after-sale service. In the recent past, the Indian automotive industry has evolved in leaps and bounds, enabling it to reach a zenith of popularity or pride in the Indian economy. The enormous growth experienced by the Indian automobile industry is the result of two interrelated factors, namely the improvement of the universal standard of living, leading to an increase throughout their buying power. Besides, liberalization steps such as relaxation of the forex and equity regulations, lowering of import tariffs, and reforms throughout the banking sector initiated by the Government of India have made it easy and possible for the Indian auto industry to scale higher levels. Added to this is the institutionalization of automotive finance, which has further paved the way for the industry's sufficient quality of long-term growth. In this research study, understanding consumer satisfaction of selected automobile industry in Madurai by researchers conducted a survey and knowing the difference between services provided by companies and customer expectations and experience would be helpful for current and also some small firms.