People’s Perception about Quarantine and its Impact on Occupational Stress: Community-Based Online Survey Following Covid-19 Outbreak in India

  • Subhadeep Mukherjee1, Dr. Soumendra Bhattacharjee, Sahiba Sharma, Anubrata Paul


COVID–19 has caused havoc almost throughout the world and India is also a strong victim of the same as the number of infected/positive cases is increasing drastically day by day. Quarantine i.e. a restriction on the movement of people which is intended to prevent the spread of disease is an unpleasant experience for those who undergo it. Separation from the loved ones, loss of freedom, uncertainty over the disease status, and boredom can create dramatic effects. Occupational stress of Job Stress refers to the job-related nervousness and anxiety which affects the emotion and/or physical health of the people.

This paper is a modest attempt to understand the people’s perception about quarantine and its impact on Occupational Stress due to the outbreak of COVID-19 in India.

Data have been collected from 159 respondents by circulating the questionnaire through electronic mode. The collected data have been analysed by applying Structural Equation Modelling (SEM).

The findings reveal that there is no significant impact on occupational stress by people’s perception of quarantine.