A Quantitative Analysis of Academic Achievements and Facilities Delivered by Secondary Schools of KPK, Pakistan

  • Hakim Ullah, Chen Xiaoduan, Tariq M.Bhuttah, Saima Javed


The current study under quantitative research design investigates the Academic Achievements and Facilities provided by the public and private Secondary Schools in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa (KPK), Pakistan. The objective of this study is to compare various facilities provided by private and public sector schools to students and teachers and to know about the academic achievements of private and public sector schools. Sampling for the study has been done randomly whereby 400 students (200 from the public while 200 private sectors) from schools were sample whereas 40 teachers (20 from the public while 20 from the private sector) were a sample comprising a total of 440 sample size. Findings of the study reveal that Public and private schools are good in the provision of physical infrastructural facilities to students, but public schools are slightly better. Aesthetics and transport facilities are also higher in public schools as compared to private schools. Whereas private schools are better than public schools in terms ofclass room conditions, acoustics and child learning, teaching facilities and co-curricular activities.