Warehousing & Distribution Management of Online Grocery Stores

  • Pratibha Garg, Mohini Agrawal, Neha Gupta, Piyusha Nayyar


In view of current market scenario, the online companies are in constant pressure to increase and
maintain their market share by satisfying customers in terms of completing the order and timely
delivery of products. The role of distribution has become more significant in determining the order
size, lead time and satisfying customer requirements. This case describes the lean logistic and
customer satisfaction of largest customer online food and grocery store of India. The primary
objective is to understand and improve the distribution and customer satisfaction using lean logistic
system. For which a sample was chosen who were registered customers of Online food store.
Statistical techniques have been used to estimate the relationship between customer satisfaction and
various dimensions of logistics lean system on collected responses and obtained results are quite
significant in explaining the above proposition.