Study of Relationship of Person Organization Fit, Burnout and Employee Job Performance among the Employees of Service Sector

  • Zulfiqar Ali Rajper et al.


The most important source of the organization’s growth is the Human Resource Management. The best
utilization of human resources and to assign the role in organization, it is necessary to bring into line
those employees who possess more knowledge, skills and abilities. The main object of current study was
to measure relationship between Person Organization Fit (POF), Burnout, (as a whole and three
dimensions of burnout) and Employee Job Performance (EJP) among employees in services sector of
Sindh, or how misfit can leads burnout which causes negative impact on performance of employees.
Current study designates that there is relationship between person organization fit, burnout and
employee job performance, the burnout and its three dimensions (Emotional Exhaustion, Cynicism and
Reduced personal accomplishment). Person organization fit is an important antecedent to burnout and
its three dimensions while the employee job performance as consequence to burnout and its three
dimensions. There is strong positive relationship between person organization fit and employee job