Development of youth tourism based on public-private partnership on the example of the Krasnodar Territory

  • E.L. Zadneprovskaya et al.


Activation of youth tourism on the basis of public-private partnership is one of the most important and
necessary factors of tourism development, as evidenced by world, Russian, regional tendencies and
successful practical experience.
The purpose of the study is to substantiate the need to intensify the development of youth tourism
based on public-private partnerships and to use the successful international and Russian experience
of such partnerships in regional practice.
Research methodology: system-structural, information approaches; research methods: theoretical
(analysis of regulatory documents, indicators of tourism industry development, comparison,
formalization, method of analogy, forecasting; empirical (statistical observation, study of tourist
markets, tourist products, description).
Results: the necessity of studying the functioning of the largest international tourist administrations
dealing with the problems of youth and social tourism, the use of innovative approaches to the
organization and development of this direction in tourism is substantiated; the availability of
infrastructure of the tourism industry for youth was analyzed using the example of the Krasnodar
Territory, as well as the breadth of the range of youth tourist activities, tours, excursions, cultural and
educational programs; the feasibility of establishing a coordinating administrative body responsible
for the development of youth tourism in the Krasnodar Territory, development of the strategy and
forming a complex of youth events as an essential part of public-private partnership is substantiated.
Conclusions: Youth tourism  is the journey of youth, during which the goals and objectives of
education, comprehensive development, health improvement and psychophysical rehabilitation of the
person are realized on the basis of the use of tourist resources; the international importance and
recognition of youth travel is evidenced by the establishment and operation of the largest tourist
administrations dealing with youth and social tourism; analysis of the accessibility of tourist
infrastructure for young people indicates that young tourists are provided with low-budget hotels,
catering and sports facilities, as well as youth events; for the mass development of youth tourism,
greater involvement of young people in healthy lifestyles, active study of the history and culture of
International Journal of Disaster Recovery and Business Continuity

their native land, it is necessary to develop an electronic guide of excursion routes of the Krasnodar
Territory; The determinant factor in intensifying the development of youth tourism in the region is the
provision of public-private partnership in this area of activity, for which it is advisable to create a
coordinating body responsible for the strategy, the formation of a range of activities for youth,
assessing the effectiveness of their implementation in the region, etc.