Emotional Intelligence and Transformational Leadership: A Correlational Study in Telecom Sector of Pakistan

  • Saqib Munir et al.


This study investigates a linkage amongst âTransformational leadership (TFLâ) and âEmotional
Intelligence (EIâ) by using a trait model. These two, from the perspective of literature, support each other.
Empirical research to validate the results in Pakistani settings were done. The data was gathered from the
managers2 of the telecom segment via two standardized instruments âTEIQue-SFâ and âMLQ-5Xâ and
distributed via google forms. The study is cross-sectional and quantitative with sample size 440. A stratified
sampling method was employed and later the analysis was done using SPSS. Respondentsâ socio
demographical profile was generated. The reliability of the instruments used was found to be acceptable.
Correlation and regression analyses of the data revealed a moderate to the high positive correlation
between EI and TFL along with its dimensions. Moreover, the relationship was found to be statistically