Framework for Secure Transmission between Communicating Nodes with the Internet Host in IoT

  • Nasreen Fathima, Dr. Reshma Banu, Dr. G.F Ali Ahammed


With the diverse form of applications inter-connected over Internet-of-Things (IoT), providing optimal secure communication has become quite a challenging problem in the current era. There is a various underlying reason for this, and one of the most prominent reason is also linked with IoT being a nascent stage of technological advancement with reduced security strength. After reviewing the existing solution, it has been explored that the majority of the existing approaches have either used complex cryptograph is measures or are inclined towards solving a particular form of attack. Therefore, this manuscript introduces a framework that is capable of offering a secure communication system between all the IoT nodes (sensors) with the internet host (gateway). The proposed system facilitates a higher secrecy rate with a joint implication of the generation of the secret key and distinctive mechanism of using a digital signature. Applicable over the large deployment of the network, the proposed system exhibits better security strength along with resource conservation with the presented secure communication scheme.