Intention To Adopt ICT By Agri-Entrepreneur: An Empirical Analysis Using Technology Acceptance Model

  • Dr. Gampala Prabhakar et al.


In The Present Study We Analyze The Agri-Entrepreneurs Perception Towards Adoption Of Technology
Such As ICT For Better Productivity In Farming. The Considered Constructs Are Adopted From
Technology Adoption Model (TAM). A Total Sample Of 145 Farmers From The Guntur District Are
Collected Through Simple Random Technique And Out Of Which Survey Respondents Irregular
Responses Are Eliminated Finally 139 Samples Are Determined For Statistical Analysis. Multiple
Regression Analysis Was Performed To Determine The Association Between Perceptions And Model
Constructs. Results Are Reported And Discussions Are Made As Per The Results And In Correlation
Between Results And Previous Literature And, Suggestions And Future Indication For Extension Of The
Study Are Proposed.