Factors Affecting Marketing Effectiveness Of Ice Creams In Chennai City: A Study Among The Selected Marketing Executives From The Indutry

  • Ms.Reena Gabriel et al.


Ice Creams are new age food and prefer to have at all moments of happiness and celebration
either at home or office. Today ice creams are identified as a nutritious supplement and fashion food. As
a strategic business unit in dairy foods, ice creams play a key role in contributing the revenue. IT also
requires the same amount of efforts in terms of marketing and service quality at sales points namely ice
cream parlours. The number of brands has entered in to the market and each one follows a different
strategy to reach out the customers. One such strategic practice is to attract consumers through brand
personality or celebrity advertisements. The benefits associated with celebrity endorsements in the
marketing of ice creams are better when compared to generic media ads is the feel of many in the
industry. By considering the this view, the present study is conducted with a view to find out the role of
celebrity ads on the consumer buying behaviour in ice creams is studied. The study conducted in Chennai
city is selected as sample area. The study adopted descriptive methodology. The sample size is fixed at
660 by using a scientific method. The data collection is done using a pre tested structured questionnaire.
For the purpose of data collection sample respondent are met at ice cream parlours and commercial
offices of the branded ice creams. The core objectives of the present study are
1. To study the marketing practices adopted in ice cream industry in the sample area.
2. To find out the factors influencing Marketing effectiveness of ice creams in the sample area.
It is found that, the ice creams marketing have lot of potential in the market to expand and explore. The
ice creams become a part of diet in the menu of urban dwellers. The same can be extended to rural areas
in the years to come.