A Study On Impact Of Earnings Per Share, Dividend Per Share And Profit Earning Ratio On Stock Price

  • Dr.Padmavathi M et al.


Stock Market Is One Of The Most Versatile Sectors In The Financial System Which Plays An
Important Role In Economic Development Of The Country. It Is A Hub Where The Investors Are
Provided With A Forum To Purchase And Sell Their Shares, Bonds And Debentures. Indian Stock Market
Has Become More Efficient Compared To Other Developed Countries. The Analysis Carried Out In The
Paper Would Facilitate The Reader To Understand The Past, Current And Future Aspects Of Indian Stock
Market. Market Price Per Share (Mps) Is The Price That A Stock Can Be Readily Purchased Or Sold In
The Current Market Place. It Is The "Going Price" Of A Share Of Stock. The Mps May Vary Everyday
Due To Changes And Fluctuations In The Stock Market And Economy.