A Study On Impact Of Factors Affecting Use Of Green Logistics On Performance Of Garment Units In Tirupur District

  • Dr. R. PRABUSANKAR et al.


Green logistics actions comprises of evaluating environmental effectiveness of various strategies
of distribution, decreasing utilization of energy for operations of logistics and diminishing waste and
improving performance of companies. technology, enterprise, environment and Government factors are
affecting use of green logistics on performance of garment units. Significant difference prevails between
demographic features of employees and factors affecting use of green logistics in garment units.
Enterprise, technology, environment and Government factors have positive and significant impact
performance of garment units. In order to improve use of green logistics in garment units, they should
select and adopt best technology available and suitable for them and they must give proper trainings to
their employees for easy use of technology. Garment units should be adequately automated and integrate
all kind of information and mangers must give proper response to employees and management must
encourage employees to adopt green logistics practices.