The Smartphone Buying Behavior of Two Generations X and Y Mediated by Brand Imag

  • Altaf Hussain Aureejo et al.


It is very difficult to trace the Buying Behavior of consumers based on different by age groups.
Any way to catch the pattern of such behavior is very important for strategy makers, to form a
powerful and productive organizational strategy. The study objectives are twofold; one is
evaluating the Buying Behavior of Generation X and Y towards Smartphone consumers;
second is analyzing the intervening function of Brand Image. This study is causal as well as
quantitative in design and nature. The causal relational and mediating impact has been tested
using a mediation procedure. This study focused on the Sindh government college education
directorate of the Sukkur region. Therefore, the subject of interest in this study is college
teachers of the directorate of the Sukkur region. Results suggest that the attitude of Generation
X and Y has a positive and significant relationship with the Buying Behavior of smartphones.
Further Brand Image mediates between attitudes of Generation X and Y towards Buying
Behavior of Smartphone consumers. The study is significant because it has explored the least
explored area in research the findings of this study will help the strategy makers to form an
effective and efficient competitive strategy.