The Role of NABARD in the Development of Agriculture Sector in Chhattisgarh State

  • Dr. Budheshwar Prasad Singhraul et al.


The present paper elaborates the development work done by NABARD since FY 2014-15 in agricultural
sector of the state of Chhattisgarh and analyze the difference between the means of sanctioned and
disbursed amounts allocated by NABARD to several states of India since FY 2014-15 till 2018-19. NABARD
plays a crucial role in the development of agricultural sector of the country. It provides refinances to the
financial institutions which in turn, supports production, investment credit for development activities in
rural areas and coordinating of rural credit institutions .An apex institution is necessary for ensuring timely
and adequate flow of finance into the development of agriculture in rural area. NABARD has allocated
substantial amount to Chhattisgarh state for various agriculture and allied activities purposes like
irrigation project, solar pumps, production of local crops and life irrigation project. The results reveals
that there is a significant difference among the amounts sanctioned and disbursed by NABARD to various
states of India and there is a significant between the amounts sanctioned and disbursed to Chhattisgarh
sate and several other states of the country. NABARD has played a crucial role in the development of
agriculture in Chhattisgarh. Still, the state has not progressed as others sate has done. Yet, a lot need to be
done by NABARD for the uplifment of rural agriculture of Chhattisgarh state.