Individual, structural, and institutional factors are involved to boost the informal entrepreneurial activities. A literature review of developing nations

  • Dr. Aamar Ilyas, et al.


The study reviews the literature of determinants of informal entrepreneurship in developed and
developing nations and finds the major causes that fabricate the informal culture, which is individuallevel, structural level and institutional level. The objective of this paper is to explore the important
determinants of informal entrepreneurship in developing nations. Few factors have commonalities with
other factors that have been discussed in the literature. Few determinants have explored as additional
determinants that have not been discussed by Colin’s Model that was based on developed nations. This
study has explored these factors as some additional factors in Colin’s model. Additional factors are
entrepreneurial spawning, availability of resources, family tradition, and support of family members. No
single factor is yet able to detect the difficulties of this sector, the nature of the informal entrepreneurship
is always clarified by a “cocktail” of factors