Portable Camera Based Assistive Device for Scribes Using Raspberry Pi and an Efficient Algorithm

  • R. Raghuraman, J. Poornima, G. Keerthi Vijayadhasan, J.Vishnupriyan


Today’s technical advancements makes our life easier. These advancements support differently
abled people’s life in an efficient manner. Optical Character recognition is a technique used to extract
text from an image. Using this technique we can improve the life of blind people. This project proposed a
camera based label reader for the blind people to read the name of the products to read books as
ordinary people and they can do certain things on their own like ticket booking and browsing the internet.
In this model the camera is used to capture the image. Then the text characters in the image are extracted
using the tesseract OCR algorithm. Once the identified characters are extracted from the image, then the
text is converted to voice using the flite library.