A Review on Fabrication of Nanocomposites for Nano Amphibious drone

  • K. Shreedhana, M. Vijayaprakash, E. Carolin Kiruba, R. Ilavarsai


The application of unmanned aerial vehicle (UAVs) has various applications in numerous
emerging fields. Nano amphibious drone technology is an emerging field in the drone world.
These nano amphibious drones have many applications in various fields such as military
surveillance, wildlife surveillance, etc., the frame of the drone is considered to be the skeleton of
the drone and all other accessories are mounted on the frame. In this review paper, we study the
types of frame, frame suitable for nano amphibious drone, material used for the construction of
frame, synthesis and characterization of the nanocomposite material used for the fabrication of
frame and the characterization techniques used to study the material. Also, we study the use of
super hydrophobic coating and different materials and their contact angle used in super
hydrophobic coatings