Investor’s Perception on Ethical Investing/ Socially Responsible Investment in Mutual Funds: With Respect to Delhi

  • Dr Ankita Nagpal, Mansi Chadha


Indian Investor invests more in profit oriented mutual funds which is a challenging task for mutual fund industry. Companies should spread awareness about the Ethical Funds. Before Investing Investor should check, their money is investing in an ESG (Environmental, Social and Governance) practices. Companies are ethical in their Business operations. The study is conducted in Delhi and it is descriptive in research. A structured questionnaire has filled by 132 mutual fund investors and analyze on a two parameters: Demographic profile for type of investor (Truly ethical, ethically aware, Profit oriented, Non-ethical).Perception of Risk and return on Ethical investment as compare to traditional funds. Chi-square test and 1-way ANOVA has been used for demographic profile. Descriptive Analysis has been used for Perception about the Investor. Age and qualification has no influence on the type of investor. Gender has an influence on the purchasing of SRI funds. On the other hand Income has an influence on the type of the investor.