Utilization of Digital Education: A Comparative Analysis of Rural Sector vs. Urban Sector

  • Dr. Sonal Pathak


The world around a common man has become digitalized.Anything a person interacts with in a day-to-day life is in digital format. Digitization has now become a life style. Take, for example, internet shopping, e-payment of bill payments, fund transfer from one account to the other, ICT-enabled school, e-learning, video conferencing, and hence the list is infinite. The planet has grown smaller as a result of Web and digitization. Human beings have understood the value of digitization. We agree that the digitization of a process or operation is quicker, cost-effective and safer. This is pushing the people of the world towards development into a digital economy. Digital Education is perhaps the abstract word for both socio-economic practices undertaken by citizens using Information and Communication Technology. Digital Education is attempting to help India cross the border and boost the country's economic development. It inspires Indians to increase their expectations and to be on level terms with developed and developing economies. This is allowing India to make a name on the global market. "Smart India" is an effort of the Government of India to push the country into a digital education. This paperdeals with the steps undertaken by the government of India toward using Digital India with regards to Indian Education at all level especially University Levelas well as explains the effect that can also be generated by just the effective introduction of the system in rural areas. The analytical structure was therefore developed on the basis of the literature reviews.

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