Sentimental Analysis of Indian Airline Services Using Social Media Dataset

  • Hitendra Garg


Social media platforms like twitter, facebook and various e-commerce sites are a great source of people’s opinion, where one can express their opinions, views and sentiments on any issue around the world freely. This information contains both the useful as well as useless data. We need to classify this data on the basis of our need and can use it in various fields like sentimental analysis, recommendation system, market analysis etc. In the proposed work, we are using the Twitter data and Trip-advisor data for analyzing the sentiments of people for different Indian airlines namely: Air-India, Indigo, Go-Air, Jet airways, Spice-Jet. Classification of airlines data on various parameters to review as positive, negative or neutral sentiments that compare the performance of airlines on the required parameters like time delay, value for money, staff, food, turbulence, aircraft condition.


Keywords:Sentimental Analysis, SVM, Naïve Bayes, Sentimental Analysis

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