Implementation of Fuzzy XQuery and Fuzzy Trigger for XML Databases

  • E.J.Thomson Fredrik, M.Nisha, Vijyendra Karpatne


Nowadays XML is de-facto standard to store and exchange data. Fuzzy XQuery is proposed using the weights of attributes and the weights can be represented by fuzzy sets based linguistic terms. The automatic generation of GUI based XQuery and Fuzzy XQuery processing is proposed by selecting XML tags and condition. The user-friendly GUI based Fuzzy XQuery allows the users to implement Fuzzy linguistic terms in the XQuery. The Fuzzy constraints based on triangular membership function and trapezium shape membership functions are proposed. A Fuzzy constraint-based framework is presented to implement constraints for XML documents. The proposed approach will handle uncertainty during matching between XML document and XML Schema. This paper proposes an active rule based fuzzy triggers whereby fuzzy inference is utilized in the condition evaluation. The application level constraints are implemented using an advanced XML Schema. The architecture of XML Database Fuzzy Trigger is proposed. The Fuzzy Logic based approach is introduced to handle the temporal events and composite events in the XML Database Systems.

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E.J.Thomson Fredrik, M.Nisha, Vijyendra Karpatne. (2020). Implementation of Fuzzy XQuery and Fuzzy Trigger for XML Databases. International Journal of Control and Automation, 13(4), 1078-1087. Retrieved from