A Hybrid PSO_Fuzzy_PID Controller for Gas Turbine Speed Control

  • Azadeh Mansouri Mansourabad
  • Mohammad Taghi Hamidi Beheshti
  • Mohsen Simab


In this paper, a hybrid PSO_Fuzzy_PID controller is designed for speed control of a gas turbine. The aim of the controller is to maintain the turbine speed and the exhaust temperature in a desired interval during startup and operating condition. Here, different parts of the fuzzy controller such as fuzzification, rule base, inference engine, defuzzification, and particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm are presented. computer simulations of the controller and gas turbine based on Matlab / simulink simulation platform are performed to investigate the effectiveness of the proposed algorithm. The performance of the proposed algorithm is evaluated during startup and operating condition of the gas turbine. Simulation results well show that the response of the PSO_Fuzzy_PID controller is effectively improved compared with other controllers. The characteristics of the step response such as rise time, settling time and overshoot are considerably decreased, and the value of the steady state error is minimized.
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Mansourabad, A. M., Beheshti, M. T. H., & Simab, M. (2013). A Hybrid PSO_Fuzzy_PID Controller for Gas Turbine Speed Control . International Journal of Control and Automation, 6(1), 13 - 24. Retrieved from https://sersc.org/journals/index.php/IJCA/article/view/144