From Angry Bird Application to STEM Activities in Real Life

  • Tannirat, T.


Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics Education: STEM is an integration of 4 subjects for students to learn knowledge and improve skills for their daily life. One of the most important skills in STEM instruction is systematic thinking to solve challenging problems which can be created by using entertaining instructional media such as multimedia and games. The purpose of this study is to investigate the results of applying the Angry Bird application as a learning instrument for teaching elementary school students. The population of the study consists of 902 elementary school students from 10 schools under The Bangkok Metropolitan Administration, Thailand. As for the data quality, there was a collection of in-depth interview coming from 20 teachers and 40 students. In this study, it was found that most of the students have used the Angry Bird application. When the rules were explained, the students worked together to plan, analyze, practice and solve problems until they meet the goal. The result found that instructional media can create an opportunity for students to work and solve problems together. Also, this application is really recommended to teachers for using to improve the student’s skills such as communication skills, critical thinking skills and daily living skills.

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