Crypto-currency Price trend prediction using k-means clustering

  • Evan Madhi Hamzh Al Rubaie


Crypto-Currency is new emerging asset. Many People are trading in crypto currency for money making. To predict the correct trend in crypto coin fluctuation, technical analysis is used. Many Technical factors are present in analysis which helps in predicting price trend. Few of these indicators are RSI, Ichimoku clouds, moving average convergence and divergence, Different moving averages and Bollinger band. These Indicators are based on mathematical models. With advancement in data mining algorithm it is possible to use this indicators data as input and find out the price trend for different crypto currency. In this paper data pre-processing technique is used to remove noisy data, Clustering is used to find cluster based on specified outputs. It is observed that accurate of this model is very good in predicting short term prices and fluctuation.

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