Position of Kyai in Traditions and Ideologies of Traditional Waqf in Maduranese Communities

  • Ahmad MukriAji, Harisah, SyarifahGustiawatiMukri


Waqf is one of the assets distribution instruments in the Islamic concept. This instrument is mostly carried out by the community, and each community has different traditions and ideologies as well asamongMaduranese communities. Maduranese have a tradition of giving waqf funds to religious scholars or religious leaders (kyai) who are considered experts in the religious fields. This tradition is balanced with the public ideology that has been embedded in various layers of Maduranesesociety. This ideology is accepted and fulfilled by the community by assuming that waqf will give more blessings to the waqf giver (waqif), as a result, the tradition of giving waqf is still implementedtraditionally. From this notion, researchers are interested in conducting research on the analysis of traditions and ideologies of the Maduranesecommunity on giving traditional waqf as well as benefits for the community in the presence of these waqf traditions. This study applied a qualitative approach using interviews and observations, while the objects of research arekyai, community leaders, and the waqf giver (waqif). This study revealed that the majority of Maduranesegave waqf assets through traditional methods to the kyai and community leaders who were considered pious in religion, and the community had a belief that the waqf property given to the kyai and religious leaders would provide a blessing effect on their possessions.

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